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Our commercial, instrument rated pilots are licensed to fly Single Engine Landplanes, Multiengine Landplanes, Single Engine Seaplanes, Multiengine Seaplanes, Gliders, Aerovodochody L-29 Jet, Douglas A-26 Invader.
Jeff Grismer with Plane
Jeff Grismer (SAG)
IMDB Listing for Jeff Grismer

Our chief pilot is a third generation aviator with over 4,500 hours experience including thousand’s of hours in tail-wheel, bi-plane, radial-engine, antique and aerobatic aircraft. A member of the Screen Actors Guild, Jeff flew our Stearman and was cast as a Principle in Wells Fargo Advisor’s commercials Dave, Father/Entrepreneur and Pilot Dave.
Larry Grismer, Pilot (Dad)Larry Grismer (Dad)

Jeff’s dad soloed at 13 years and 2 weeks of age in a 125 h.p. Kinner-Fleet bi-plane. He taught Jeff to fly just as his dad (Grandpa Lee) taught him. In 15,000 civilian hours (without an autopilot) and flying Douglas B-26 Invaders in the Korean War, he's pretty much flown it all.
Grampa (L.L. Lee Grismer L.L. Lee Grismer (Emeritus)

Grandpa flew Sopwiths and Neuports in WWI because it provided room and board. After WWI he barnstormed his way from Kansas to California and created one of the first flight schools on the West coast. It is rumored that he helped teach Wrongway Corrigan to fly (but not to navigate). He test flew for Jack Northrop in the 30's and was chief purchasing agent for Northrop Aircraft during WWII. Without Grandpa we wouldn’t be here doing what we enjoy!
Additional Pilots: We fly regularly with several other highly skilled and experienced SAG and non-SAG pilots. If you need sequences with multiple aircraft, we will quickly provide you with the aircraft you want and pilots to fly them.